Green Thumbs Up: Discover the 8 Laziest and Cheapest Hacks to Keep Your Plants Thriving, Straight from a Gardening Pro!

Gardening Expert Reveals Penny-Saving Tips to Keep Your Plants Thriving, Including a Surprising Use for Cinnamon and Sponges, Says TikTok Video

A gardening expert has shared eight simple and cost-effective tips to help keep your plants healthy and thriving. Known online as @creative_explained, the content creator has amassed 5.9 million followers on TikTok by regularly sharing life hacks and green-fingered tips. Armen, the man behind the account, suggests using everyday items such as cinnamon, sellotape, and leftover potato water to ward off pests and provide nutrients to your plants.

In a recent TikTok reel, Armen shares his eight gardening hacks. He recommends placing a sponge at the bottom of a plant pot to act as a water reserve for your plant, keeping the soil moist with minimal effort. Sprinkling cinnamon on the soil can keep ants away and stimulate root growth. Misting your plants with chamomile tea can boost their growth and prevent diseases on the leaves. To encourage blooming, sprinkle Epsom salt on the soil.

Armen also suggests using sellotape to remove spider mites from leaves. He demonstrates wrapping tape around your hand and tapping the leaves to remove the pests. He claims this method is effective and kills the spider mites on contact. After boiling potatoes, the leftover water is packed with nutrients that can be used to fertilize your plants. Armen advises saving the water and using it to fertilize your plants.

Finally, Armen shares two unconventional tips. He suggests cloning your plants with honey by taking a clipping, cutting the bottom on an angle, dipping it in honey, and planting it in soil. Additionally, Armen recommends placing a whole egg in the hole next time you plant something to enrich the soil.

Armen’s TikTok video has gained over 32,500 likes and 344,400 views, with fans praising his quick and easy tips. One commenter wrote, “So many ideas!” Another confirmed the effectiveness of the cinnamon and Epsom salt tips, saying, “They are not long term like everything in this video, but it works.” Others expressed their admiration for Armen’s knowledge and enthusiasm for gardening.

Overall, Armen’s tips offer a cost-effective and easy way to keep your plants healthy and thriving using everyday household items. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a novice, these tips are sure to help you achieve a green thumb.

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