Green Dreams: The Top 5 Bedroom Plants Recommended by Gardening Guru for a Restful Sleep

“Discover the Power of Houseplants: Incorporating These Plants in Your Bedroom Can Help You Sleep Better”
Green Dreams: The Top 5 Bedroom Plants Recommended by Gardening Guru for a Restful Sleep

Adding houseplants to your bedroom can help you sleep better at night. According to Dr. Katherine Hall, a sleep psychologist at Happy Beds, plants can create many sleep-inducing benefits. They help lower cortisol levels by releasing oxygen at night, which clears the mind and relaxes the body. Additionally, plants improve ventilation and humidity, making it easier to breathe.

One low-maintenance plant that can thrive in your home is the snake plant. It doesn’t need direct sunlight and requires minimal watering, making it perfect for beginners. You can style it to match your interior style, from boho hanging pots to posh ceramic planters. Another option is the spider plant, which is perfect for bedrooms and looks stylish no matter what. It doesn’t love direct sunlight, so medium light is ideal, and it only needs to be watered when the top inches of soil feel dry.

Aloe vera is not only handy for medicine but can also improve air purity and quality in any room. As a succulent, it requires very little water and can go weeks without needing attention. The peace lily is known to filter out airborne toxins and is perhaps the most stylish plant on the list, thanks to its stunning blooms. It thrives in indirect light but doesn’t mind a sunny spot either. Keep the soil moist, and it will provide both a stunning plant and a great night’s sleep.

Lastly, lavender is known for its relaxing scent and is a stunning plant for your home. The pro suggests keeping it close to your bed to feel the benefit. Lavender plants like warmer, brighter spots, so make sure your plant is close to a window where it can get plenty of sunshine. Ideally, it needs at least eight hours of sun a day to thrive. You can buy smaller plants to fit on your bedside table or opt for a larger plant to keep nearby.

Incorporating plants into your bedroom decor can help create a more relaxing and restful environment. Not only do they provide aesthetic value, but they also have numerous benefits that can improve your sleep quality. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, consider adding some of these plants to your bedroom and see if they make a difference.