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Get Your Patio Sparkling in Minutes with This £1.50 Secret Buy: A Cleaning Fan’s Swear By!

"Cleaning Expert Laura Shares Secret to Achieving Sparkling Patios in Minutes!"

A cleaning enthusiast, Laura, has shared her secret bargain buy that she swears by to get her patio sparkling in minutes. The mum-of-two regularly shares her handy tips and tricks online, and recently posted how she removes dirt, moss, and mud from her patio with barely any effort involved. Laura’s secret to getting her patio sparkling, without needing to use a jet washer, is a £1.58 bargain buy – the Cif outdoor multipurpose cream.

Taking to TikTok to show off her garden patio before and after she got to work on cleaning it, Laura shared her clip with the caption ‘Quick patio clean.’ In the clip, we saw Laura put the cream on her tired-looking patio. She then used a garden brush to rub the cream into the paving slabs. Once rubbed in, after a few minutes, she then used her hose to wash the slabs down, removing the cream, moss, and dirt from her patio. After not very long at all, Laura’s patio looked brand new.

The Cif outdoor multipurpose cream is brilliant for not only cleaning patios but also garden furniture too. You only need a small squirt to completely remove all kinds of dirt, even those that seem impossible to clean such as encrusted grease, grimy mud, or dirty marks. Your patio will soon be sparkling, without you having to get on your hands and knees and spend hours scrubbing.

Laura later added: “I cleaned my whole patio here with this.” You can pick up the Cif outdoor multipurpose cream from a variety of different shops, including Tesco, but it is cheapest online from vendingsuperstore.co.uk, where it costs just £1.58. Laura’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 123.4k views. It has 537 likes, 13 comments, and 12 shares.

While some were grateful for Laura’s advice, others shared their advice in the comments. One person said: “Wow.” Another asked: “Toxic to pets?” to which Laura responded “I would keep it clear from pets and rinse thoroughly after use.” Whilst a third advised: “Wet it first.”

Laura’s cleaning tip has proven to be a hit with many people looking to spruce up their patios without breaking the bank or putting in too much effort. The Cif outdoor multipurpose cream is a cost-effective and efficient solution for all your patio cleaning needs.

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