Get the Latest Garden Trend: DIY Pro Tips to Keep Nosy Neighbors Out of Your Business!

"DIY Enthusiast's Genius Solution to Privacy Issues Leaves Neighbors in Awe"

A DIY enthusiast has become the talk of the town after revealing how she managed to keep her nosy neighbours from peering into her garden. Shayna Alnwick shared her DIY screen idea on TikTok, which has since gone viral, with many people now looking to replicate her project. She used cheap wooden beams and a spray-paint gun to create the on-trend paneling for her pergola, which not only gave her some much-needed privacy but also provided shade during the summer months.

Shayna, who is known online as The Flipped Piece, regularly shares budget DIY hacks and interior design inspiration with her 814,400 followers. In her recent TikTok reel, she explained how she built a super easy DIY privacy screen to stop her neighbours from peeking into her backyard. She purchased 1 by 4 treated pieces of wood from Home Depot and used a spray-paint gun to match the panels to her existing pergola, before securing everything in place with a nail gun.

The DIY pro sprayed about 22 pieces of wood in just under an hour before building the screen, making sure that the first piece was levelled to ensure that all the rest were cohesive with it. She used a ladder to put the wood up with a nail gun, and in just over half a day, Shayna was able to create an amazing, beautiful DIY privacy screen that looked fantastic.

Similar wooden beams can be purchased from various retailers, including Wickes, with prices starting at just £7.33. Spray paint guns are also available to buy online, with stores like Screwfix selling them for as little as £19.99. Fans of Shayna’s crafty idea loved her video, with the post gaining more than 9,100 likes and 272,100 views. Many DIY enthusiasts shared their reactions in the comments, with one person commenting, “Absolutely gorgeous.” Another person wrote, “LOVE IT…..PICASSO,” while a third added, “Beautiful I have a place I’m gonna do mine just like that. Thank you for the great idea.”

Someone else suggested, “What’s great is you can hang planters on the other side for an herb garden!!! love this!” Shayna’s DIY screen has become so popular that many people are now vowing to create their own. The DIY enthusiast has shown that with a little creativity, it’s possible to create a beautiful and functional DIY project that can add value to your home.

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