Get ready to cast your vote: Agri Aware board elections on the horizon!

Agri Aware to Hold Elections for Board Members to Enhance Understanding of Irish Farming and Food Production

Agri Aware, an Irish agri-food educational body, is holding elections to fill two seats on its board. The non-profit organisation is funded by the Irish farming and agri-food industry to enhance the understanding of Irish farming and food production. According to the organisation, one of its key objectives is to improve the image of the agriculture, farming, and food industries.

Only current patrons of Agri Aware are allowed to vote in the board elections, and only one vote per patron will be allowed. There are currently nine directors on the board of Agri Aware. Three candidates are standing for election, including Charles Smith, who is currently on the board of directors of Agri Aware representing ABP and Kepak and is the general manager of Certified Irish Angus. Joseph Tobin represents Tipperary on Dairygold’s board of directors, while Lawrence McNamee represents Donegal on Aurivo’s board of directors.

Agri Aware has said that voting will take place via a ballot based on the proportional representation system. Voting will close on Monday, April 24, 2021, at 5 pm. The organisation has said it will announce the election results by post.

Meanwhile, the organisation will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 2021, in the Irish Farm Centre with the objective of passing a special resolution to make amendments to the constitution of the company. Agri Aware informed patrons that the main changes are to reflect the removal of the permanent director appointed by Origin Enterprises PLC. The resolution is also to increase the number of elected directors from two to three. An elected director is a director elected by the members or patrons.

“There are also some housekeeping changes to the constitution to reflect references to the Companies Act 2014 and the consequent changes to the numbering to reflect the differences between the Companies Act 1963 and the Companies Act 2014,” it stated.

Agri Aware is an independent organisation that aims to educate the public about the importance of agriculture, farming, and food production. The organisation is funded by the Irish farming and agri-food industry and is governed by a board of directors. The board is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation and ensuring that it fulfils its objectives.

The organisation’s objectives include increasing public awareness and understanding of Irish farming and food production, promoting the sustainable development of the agriculture and food sectors, and improving the image of the agriculture, farming, and food industries.

Agri Aware has a number of programmes and initiatives aimed at achieving these objectives. These include educational programmes for primary and secondary schools, public awareness campaigns, and industry events.

The organisation’s flagship programme is “Ag-Century”, an educational programme aimed at primary school children. The programme is designed to teach children about the importance of agriculture and food production in Ireland.

Agri Aware also runs a number of public awareness campaigns throughout the year. These campaigns are designed to promote the benefits of Irish agriculture and food production to the general public.

In addition to its educational and awareness programmes, Agri Aware also hosts a number of industry events throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for farmers, food producers, and industry stakeholders to come together and discuss the latest developments in the sector.

Overall, Agri Aware plays an important role in promoting the agriculture and food sectors in Ireland. Through its educational programmes, public awareness campaigns, and industry events, the organisation is helping to ensure that the public has a better understanding of the importance of agriculture and food production in Ireland.

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