Garden Makeover Gone Wrong: Trolls Bash Irish Homeowner’s ‘Zero Taste’ Transformation

DIY Enthusiast's Garden Transformation Receives Mixed Reviews from Critics

A DIY enthusiast from the UK has shared her garden transformation on TikTok, but it has received mixed reactions from viewers. Samantha Jane Vaugha, who goes by the username @samantha14687, shared a step-by-step guide on how she revamped her garden from a patchy lawn to a two-tier patio, complete with a modern set of rattan garden furniture and a range of green plants and small trees.

Although Samantha was thrilled with the end result, not all viewers were impressed. Some TikTok users labelled her design choices as “awful” and “zero taste”. Despite this, the video has gained more than 164,900 likes and 4.1 million views.

In the one-and-a-half-minute video, Samantha showcased her garden before the transformation. Her patchy lawn was surrounded by a discoloured wooden fence. To start the overhaul, she painted the wooden panels in a bright white colour. She then hired contractors to relevel her outdoor space and dig a ventilation system that would sit under the new patio.

Next, rectangular concrete patio slabs were laid across three-quarters of the square garden, divided by two steps, creating two separate areas. Samantha then added a modern set of rattan garden furniture in two different spots to create various seating areas. Finally, the contractors added new turf to the final third and filled the sleeper boxes around the edge with concrete stones and a range of green plants and small trees.

While some viewers were not fans of Samantha’s design choices, others praised the transformation, with one viewer suggesting she should add a mini bar to complete the look. Another viewer commented that the new design made the garden look more spacious than before.

Samantha regularly shares life updates with her 3,400 followers on TikTok. Her garden transformation video has been a hit with fans, despite the mixed reactions. It showcases how a simple garden can be transformed into a modern outdoor haven with a bit of DIY and creativity.

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