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From Dump to Dream: How DIY Garden Renovation Saved Us a Fortune!

"Gardening on a Budget: Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Garden Despite the Cost of Living Crisis"

As the spring season is in full swing, many are looking for ways to spruce up their gardens and enjoy the upcoming sunny weather. However, with the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting every aspect of life, from food shopping to fuel, it can be challenging to spend money on the necessary adjustments.

Frances, a DIY and interiors enthusiast, has recently shared her story of how she and her husband managed to give their garden a complete makeover without breaking the bank. Frances, who boasts 29.8k followers on TikTok under the handle @100yearsinthemaking_, shared before and after photos of their garden, which was once filled with piles of dirt and overgrown grass.

After building an extension on the back of their house, they created an outdoor kitchen with grey decking and raised beds with young plants. The back of the garden has a mini greenhouse and hanging lights, giving the space an ethereal glow. The transformation is impressive, and viewers couldn’t believe the difference.

Frances also shared her tips on how she managed to save money on the garden makeover. Her husband was seen turning the soil over in one scene, while in another, he was stacking wooden slabs over one another as he built the outdoor kitchen himself. They used young plants instead of established ones and made light hangers for the back of the garden out of copper pipes. They also found the decking from Facebook and shopped at Aldi for the BBQ and mini greenhouse.

Frances’s followers were impressed by the transformation and praised the couple’s hard work. Some even joked about how Frances managed to save money, with one person saying, “Just make your husband do all the work.” Frances replied, “It’s why I married him, obviously.”

Others appreciated the couple’s efforts to keep nature in their garden and remembered the wildlife with trees and grass. Frances and her husband’s garden makeover has become an inspiration for many who are looking for ways to transform their outdoor space without spending a fortune.

In conclusion, Frances’s story is a testament to the fact that with a little creativity and hard work, it’s possible to give your garden a complete makeover without breaking the bank. Her tips on saving money while transforming the garden are useful and can be applied by anyone. With the summer season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start working on your garden and enjoy the warm weather in a beautiful outdoor space.

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