From Costly to Crafty: How We Transformed Our Garden for a Fraction of the Price!

"DIY garden transformation: Couple saves over £30,000 by doing it themselves"

A couple from the UK has shared how they transformed their garden themselves for less than a third of the price they were quoted by professional garden companies. Chloe posted a video on her TikTok page, breaking down the costs involved in the garden transformation. In the video, Chloe revealed that they were quoted £30,000 to £50,000 by garden companies for the landscaping job, but they managed to do it themselves for just £15,040.

The bespoke raised decking area was a significant part of the cost, at £4,000. They also hired a professional to lay the patio and finish the sides of the house, which cost £6,000. To create a play area for their children, they used sleepers, membrane, bark, and a play frame, which cost £1,000. They spent £80 on a border fence using recycled fencing panels and battens, while a wooden border using roof battens and membrane was £130. They also spent £250 on garden lighting which added a gorgeous touch to their garden.

In addition to these costs, they installed a modern fence using roofing battens, which cost £2,000 along with the side gate. A pergola (£500) and outdoor kitchen (£280) were other attractive features in their garden. They spent £800 on plants, adding some color to their garden. In total, the makeover cost them £15,040.

Chloe captioned her video, “Loads of people asking for garden costs on my last garden reel so here’s a breakdown of what we spent. I worked it out yesterday. Hope it helps. Super proud of our DIY garden.” People were quick to comment on the video, praising them for a job well done. Many commented on the amazing use of space and beautiful work.

Some people asked about planning permission for the decking, and Chloe responded that they did get planning permission as it was over 30cm. They had a big extension, so they did everything with that. One person warned that decking would rot in a few years and get slippery, but Chloe hit back, saying that they had it for many years, and it was perfectly fine, well looked after, and not slippery at all.

This DIY garden transformation is an inspiration to many people who want to transform their gardens but are put off by the high costs of professional garden companies. With a little bit of creativity and hard work, it is possible to create a beautiful and functional garden space without breaking the bank. Chloe and her partner have shown that with careful planning and budgeting, anyone can have their dream garden without spending a fortune.

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