Are You Killing Your Houseplants? Gardening Guru Reveals the Right Way to Water Them!

“Expert Reveals Surprising Method for Watering Houseplants Without Killing Them”
Are You Killing Your Houseplants? Gardening Guru Reveals the Right Way to Water Them!

If you are guilty of overwatering your houseplants, there is a simple method you can use to help them thrive. Experts suggest using ice cubes to water your plants gradually and promote blooming. The Ice Co shared five reasons why using ice cubes is the key to keeping your plants healthy.

Firstly, using ice cubes prevents overwatering. It’s easy to pour too much water on a plant, and there’s no going back once it works its way through the soil. But because ice cubes melt gradually, it’s easier to see exactly how many your plant needs. It also gives your green friend a chance to absorb the water slowly.

Secondly, it’s simple to do. Chances are, you already have ice cubes in your freezer. But if not, you can make your own using an ice cube tray or buy a bag in your local supermarket. Start by embedding a couple of cubes into your plant’s soil, but remember bigger plants will need more.

Thirdly, using ice cubes promotes blooming. The change of temperature from the ice actively promotes blooming – especially in plants such as orchids. This is because plants like orchids need to change temperature overnight so they can bloom efficiently.

Fourthly, there’s no mess. Spills are more likely if you’re using a jug or watering can since they can splash around – but you won’t have that problem with ice cubes. Not only that, but you won’t have to deal with leaks when using ice cubes either. “The water doesn’t sink down through to the soil as quickly, and if you’re worried about struggling to reach your hanging baskets to water them, ice cubes eliminate the possibility of creating a mess,” the experts said.

Finally, using ice cubes is easy for beginners. If you’re not very plant savvy, it can be hard to tell exactly how much water you should pour. But a few ice cubes are loads easier to measure and get right each time. Even if you’re a plant pro, it’s good for kids and even neighbors who might water your plants if you go on holiday, the experts said. “There’s no measuring, temperature checks, or real skill involved,” they added.

In conclusion, using ice cubes to water your houseplants is a simple and effective way to keep them healthy. It prevents overwatering, promotes blooming, and is easy to do. So, next time you water your plants, try using ice cubes and watch them thrive.