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Icy Temperatures Bring Dublin to a Standstill – Met Eireann Issues Warnings

Dublin is feeling the full brunt of a cold snap, with icy temperatures and snow disrupting traffic and transport across the capital.

Met Eireann has issued weather warnings for the rest of the week, advising people to take extra care on the roads and pavements.

Thursday night saw temperatures drop below freezing, with sleet and snow falling across many parts of the country. The east coast was particularly badly hit, with the weather system continuing overnight and leading to dangerous driving conditions.

A spokesperson for Met Eireann warned that the cold snap is set to continue, with Friday bringing more freezing temperatures and icy conditions. Although the day is expected to be mainly dry with sunny spells, it will remain cold with highs of just 2 to 6 degrees in light northeasterly breezes.

Friday night is set to be particularly treacherous, with severe frost and icy conditions developing across the country. Although it will start off dry, rain, sleet and snow will spread northeastwards over Munster and south Leinster, with temperatures dropping as low as minus 4 degrees in some parts.

Saturday morning is expected to see a continuation of the weather system, with rain, sleet and snow spreading to all areas before transitioning mainly to rain and sleet later in the day. However, temperatures in Ulster are set to stay down at between 1 and 4 degrees, with the possibility of further snowfall.

Transport authorities have issued warnings to drivers, advising them to take extra care on the roads and avoid non-essential travel where possible. Dublin Bus has also announced a number of cancellations and route changes due to the adverse weather conditions.

In addition to the transport disruption, the weather has also led to school closures and cancelled events across the city. Parents are being advised to check with their children’s schools before setting out in the morning, and to wrap up warm in preparation for the cold weather.

The cold snap has also raised concerns about the wellbeing of vulnerable people across the city, particularly the elderly and those without access to warm shelter. Charities and community groups are working to provide support and shelter for those in need, and are encouraging people to check on their neighbours and loved ones during the cold weather.

Met Eireann has advised that the cold snap is set to continue into next week, with temperatures remaining below average for this time of year. Although there may be some respite in the form of milder weather towards the end of the week, it is important for people to remain vigilant and take precautions against the cold.

As the weather continues to disrupt daily life in Dublin, it is important for people to stay informed and take extra care when travelling or going about their daily routines. By working together and looking out for one another, we can all weather the cold snap and emerge safely on the other side.