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Weather In Cork; Best Weather This Weekend for St. Brigid’s Bank Holiday


In honor of St. Brigid’s Day, Ireland is celebrating a bank holiday this weekend and the people of Cork and Munster are set to enjoy the best of the weather in all of Ireland. According to Met Eireann, conditions across Munster will be sunny and bright with very little chance of significant rain over the weekend.

Temperatures in Cork City will be warmer than in Lisbon today, although overnight lows might dip as low as -1C.

Saturday will bring long sunny spells throughout much of Munster with the highest temperatures ranging from 8C-11C depending on where you are in Cork. While it will be a bit chilly compared to recent days, it still looks like an excellent day for getting out and about either on your own or with friends. Make sure you have your coat handy, though as Sunday won’t be quite as warm!

Thursday 2nd February

The day on Thursday is expected to be mostly cloudy with occasional bright or sunny spells. The dry weather should persist apart from some possible patches of light rain or drizzle. The highest temperatures are predicted to reach 8-11 degrees Celsius with moderate to fresh west-southwest winds blowing throughout the day.

Friday 3rd February

Friday is likely to be rather cloudy with some patchy light rain and drizzle mainly in the west. There should also be occasional sun breaking through during the day as well. Temperatures will peak at 7-9 degrees Celsius accompanied by moderate west-southwest winds.

Saturday 4th February & Sunday 5th February

Saturday and Sunday are both expected to produce some outbreaks of rain and drizzle mainly affecting the north and west regions of Ireland. During this time, temperatures will reach an average high of 7-9 degrees Celsius.