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Google Announces 240 Job Cuts in Ireland Due to Economic Uncertainty

Tech giant Google has announced that it will be cutting 240 jobs from its Irish workforce due to the current economic uncertainty. This decision comes after the company previously stated that it needed to slim down its operations.

This cut represents about 4% of Google’s Irish workforce of 5,000 employees, which is slightly smaller than the 6% cuts announced for its global operations. Sales will be the most impacted, with 85 roles expected to be cut, followed by 80 in tech and engineering and 75 in support functions.

The details of the layoffs were shared with employees this morning, and collective consultation with staff is due to take place tomorrow. The company has stated that they will be working with staff to provide details of redundancy packages.

The Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, Simon Coveney, received a notification from Google today detailing the proposed collective redundancies, following the Protection of Employment Act 1977.

Google parent Alphabet announced in January that it would be cutting 12,000 jobs, which is over 6% of its global workforce, due to the tech giant needing to slim down after years of abundant growth and hiring. Many tech multinationals have been forced to slim down after hiring ballooned during the pandemic years as e-commerce became more popular.

However, inflation and interest rate hikes by the ECB and the Federal Reserve have hit investor and consumer pockets, leading to a global tech slowdown.

In conclusion, the tech industry is currently experiencing a significant downturn, and it seems that Google’s job cuts are an effort to adjust to the present situation. The situation is being monitored closely by stakeholders and experts alike.

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