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Ford To Cut 3,800 Jobs In Europe Amid Plans To Focus On Electric Vehicles


Ford has announced it will be cutting 3,800 jobs across Europe in the next three years. The announcement was made as part of the brand’s plan to reinvigorate the business and focus on a smaller range of electric vehicles.

Ford expects 2,800 engineering roles to be axed by 2025, as well as 1,000 jobs in its administrative, marketing, sales, and distribution teams across Europe. The global car manufacturer has promised its Irish jobs are not affected by this decision.

Ford hopes to develop a leaner and more competitive cost structure for the business and believes the decision to cut these jobs will help with the transition toward a smaller, more focused and electric product portfolio, enabling the company to compete with rival car brands in Europe, despite the significant economic and political challenges.

The decision to cut jobs is not an easy one, according to Martin Sander, the general manager of Ford Model e in Europe. He said: “These are difficult decisions, not taken lightly. We recognise the uncertainty it creates for our team, and I assure them we will be offering them our full support in the months ahead.

We will engage in consultations with our social partners so we can move forward together on building a thriving future for our business in Europe.”

It remains to be seen what impact this job loss will have on Ford in the years ahead. However, one thing is for sure: with the increasing focus on electric vehicles, Ford will have to work hard to keep up with competitors.