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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Everything You Need to Know About Ireland’s New Bank Holiday: St Brigid’s Day


St Brigid’s Day. This holiday marks a special celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, and will be celebrated annually on the first Monday of February. What is St Brigid’s Day all about?

What is St Brigid’s Day?

St Brigid’s Day, also known as Imbolc or Oimelc, marks the beginning of spring in Ireland. The day celebrates the goddess Brid or Bríd, who was believed to have been a Christian nun born in County Kildare in 453 AD. She was later canonized as Saint Brigid and is now one of the three patron saints of Ireland.

In modern times, St Brigid’s Day has become an important cultural event that brings people from all over Ireland together to celebrate the start of spring and honor one of their most beloved saints.

How Is It Celebrated?

St Brigid’s Day celebrations typically include traditional music and dancing, storytelling, processions through town centers, and bonfires lit in her honor. Many also gather to make traditional crafts such as corn dollies and crosses made out of rushes which are believed to bring good luck into homes throughout the year. Some places around Ireland even have festivals dedicated to celebrating this special day.

When is Ireland’s new bank holiday?

Ireland’s new bank holiday marks St Brigid’s Day is celebrated on February 1. It will fall on the first Monday in February. Where future St. Brigid’s Days fall on a Friday, that Friday, February 1 will be the public holiday.

What Else Can We Expect On February 6th?

On February 6th you can expect plenty of great events around Ireland that will make it an extra special day. There will be special performances from some of Ireland’s best musicians at many venues across the country, family-friendly activities like face painting and craft workshops taking place at various locations nationwide, delicious street food stalls offering up traditional Irish dishes as well as international cuisine for everyone to enjoy, plus much more.

So no matter where you are in Ireland on this day there will be something for you do.

Conclusion: With its rich history and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder why St Brigid’s Day is such an important holiday for so many Irish people. W

hether you plan on joining one of the many events taking place around Ireland on February 6th or just want to take a moment to appreciate your Irish heritage at home with friends and family don’t forget to raise a glass (or two!) in honour of our beloved patron saint this coming bank holiday weekend.

List Of Ireland’s bank holidays in 2023?

Monday, February 6 – St Brigid’s Day 

Friday, March 17 – Saint Patrick’s Day

Monday, April 10 – Easter Monday

Monday, May 1 – May Day

Monday, June 5 – June Bank Holiday

Monday, August 7 – August Bank Holiday

Monday, October 30 – October Bank Holiday

Monday, December 25 – Christmas Day

Tuesday, December 26 – St Stephen’s Day

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