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Uncover Three Secret Apps Hidden on Your iPhone


Your iPhone might have some hidden apps tucked away that you didn’t know about. From a signal test to an audio measurement tool, these three secret apps can come in handy. Don’t just rely on your signal bars to give you the best mobile coverage. Let’s take a look at what other features your phone has been hiding from you.

Signal Test:

There is a handy Field Test trick that helps you find the best mobile signal and it can be uncovered with the hidden menu accessed from the iPhone calling option. All you need to do is dial *3001#12345#* and hit call. A special dashboard should appear with a numerical numerical value for your signal strength, which will give you more accuracy than relying on the standard iPhone signal bars displayed at the top of your screen.

Audio Measurement Tool:

Another neat feature that Apple hides away is an audio measurement tool called Audio Level Meter. You can access this by opening up Voice Memos then pressing and holding the record button until four options appear across the bottom of the screen. Select “Recording Options” and tap “Audio Level Meter” to see real-time sound measurements when using headphones or external microphones. This comes in handy if you are trying to keep track of noise levels during recording sessions or want to make sure that your music is being played at a safe level for your ears.

Magnifier Tool:

The Magnifier Tool is a secret app designed for people with vision impairments, allowing them to zoom in on text and images up to 15 times their original size. To access this app, go into Settings ; General; Accessibility; Magnifier, then click ‘Enable Magnifier’ – it should now show up as an icon on your home screen which you can use for a quick magnifying boost when needed.


It may surprise many iPhone owners that there are three secret apps hidden on their device beyond what they already know about! With these tricks, users can make use of their devices even more effectively by uncovering accurate signal strength information, tracking sound levels accurately when recording sessions, or zooming in on text and images with ease using the Magnifier Tool. If you own an iPhone and haven’t tried these secret apps yet – give them a go!

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