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Tourism Stakeholders Rally to Keep Reduced Vat Rate


Tensions are rising among tourism stakeholders as the government’s deadline for a reduced Vat rate of 9% looms closer. Though the Minister of Tourism has stated her willingness to keep the lower rate in place up until at least March 1, many speculate that the pre-pandemic rate of 13.5% will be reinstated from then on. With the deadline approaching, stakeholders in the industry are ramping up their efforts to make a case for a permanent reduction in Vat.

The Argument for Lower Vat Rates
The argument for lowering Vat rates has been ongoing for years, with many in the tourism industry claiming that higher taxes hurt their ability to turn a profit and remain competitive. This is especially true during times when revenue is low due to factors outside of their control—like pandemics or economic crises—when they need every advantage they can get.

Lower Vat rates also benefit consumers by making products and services more affordable and accessible, which leads to increased activity within the sector and other industries such as transportation and hospitality. Ultimately, this helps create jobs and stimulate economic growth across all sectors of society.

Reducing Administrative Burden
Part of what makes lower Vat rates so attractive is how it reduces administrative burdens on businesses within the sector. By having a single consistent rate across all products and services, companies can simplify their processes when it comes to calculating taxes on purchases made by customers. This not only makes things easier from a business perspective but also helps customers save time by reducing how much paperwork they need to file when paying taxes on goods or services purchased from businesses in this sector.

The future of tourism stakeholders in Ireland hangs in the balance as we await news from Catherine Martin’s office regarding whether or not the reduced Vat rate will remain in place beyond March 1st. As we wait for an official decision, those who support a permanent reduction in Vat have continued their fight with renewed vigor—hoping that this time around, their efforts will finally pay off. Whatever happens next is sure to have far-reaching implications for both businesses and consumers alike; fingers crossed we receive some positive news soon!

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