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Survey Shows Business Demand for Transatlantic Services from Cork


A new survey conducted by Cork Chamber reveals the vast majority of business travellers flying out of Cork Airport are heading to North America. According to the survey, 86% of businesses believe that direct air access to and from Cork Airport is very important for overseas colleagues.

What Does This Mean?
The survey findings highlight the importance of transatlantic services at Cork Airport. The lack of direct flights between Cork and North America is a major obstacle for many businesses in the region, as it increases travel time and costs. Additionally, it can be difficult to find reliable connections with other airports in Europe or the United Kingdom. This survey demonstrates how much businesses need these flights restored in order to keep up with international competition and remain competitive on an international level.

The Benefits of Transatlantic Flights from Cork Airport
Restoring transatlantic services from Cork would benefit businesses and tourists alike. For businesses, it would mean easier access to important markets in both North America and Europe, reducing travel times and costs associated with connecting through other airports. For tourists, it would provide convenient access to popular destinations such as New York City and Toronto without having to go through Dublin or London first. It could also bring more visitors to Irelands second-largest city and surrounding areas, providing a boost to local tourism providers.

Cork Chamber’s survey results show that business demand for transatlantic services from Cork Airport is high. Restoring these services could have numerous benefits for businesses, tourists, and the Irish economy. Those involved in the decision-making process should consider these findings before deciding to restore these much-needed flights.

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