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Shannon Airport Sees Record Numbers For Passengers


Shannon Airport has seen a remarkable rebound from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 1.51 million passengers travelled through its gates in 2022, with strong figures representing a 88% recovery of 2019 passenger levels. Lets look at what contributed to this impressive recovery and how it can benefit businesses in the region.

What Contributed to the Recovery?
The primary factor behind the return to pre-pandemic passenger levels was the rebound of European services, with 532,000 passengers travelling through Shannon, surpassing pre-pandemic levels by 7%. Similarly, UK services saw 638,000 passengers last year. Additionally, transatlantic flights also returned following a two-year hiatus, with a rebound of 240,000 passengers on North American routes. The introduction of several new long-haul routes and continued demand for essential travel between Ireland and North America drove this.

The Benefits for Businesses in the Region
Shannon Airport is an integral part of the local economy and an essential hub connecting people to destinations across Europe and beyond. As such, businesses in Limerick and surrounding areas are likely to experience increased economic activity as a result of these record numbers. With more tourists visiting Limerick and more businesspeople travelling back and forth on business trips or attending conferences abroad, there is potential for greater profits for hotels, restaurants, attractions sites, and other services across the region. Furthermore, businesses will have access to larger talent pools both locally and internationally due to improved connectivity provided by Shannon Airports increasing number of routes.

Shannon Airport’s impressive performance over 2022 is a testament to its resilience during challenging times. It has successfully bounced back from pandemic setbacks with record numbers exceeding pre-pandemic levels – all while providing an invaluable service connecting people locally and worldwide. The airports success offers plenty of opportunities for businesses in Limerick and beyond to reap the benefits associated with increased travel activity within their region. All eyes are now looking forward towards 2023 as we see what new records can be broken.

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