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Network Ireland Welcomes New National President


Network Ireland, a women’s business network with 1,200 members across 17 branches nationwide, recently welcomed Emma Early Murphy as its new national president. This big move comes as the group celebrates its 40th anniversary. Emma is taking the reins from Galway’s Noreen McKenzie and brings more than 20 years of experience in corporate sales, marketing and leadership roles to the organization. Let’s take a closer look at what this new role means for Network Ireland and its members.

Emma Early Murphy: A Leader for Network Ireland
Emma Early Murphy is a highly experienced professional who most recently worked as the head of design agency Balloon HQ in Kildare. She also founded The Power of U: Business Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy in 2022 and has served as vice-president of Network Ireland in 2022. With her past experiences in telecoms, retail and hospitality, she brings a fresh perspective to the position that will benefit the entire organization.

What Does This Mean for Network Ireland?
The addition of Emma Early Murphy at the helm of Network Ireland presents an exciting opportunity for growth within the organization. Having an experienced leader like Emma in charge could mean that more members will be encouraged to join or re-engage with the group. Furthermore, her passion lies in working with people to help make a difference; she could use this focus to create meaningful initiatives that benefit all members, potentially leading to increased job opportunities or even more connections within their respective industries.

By welcoming Emma Early Murphy as its new national president, Network Ireland is setting itself up for success in its 40th year of existence and beyond. With her extensive background in corporate sales, marketing and leadership roles—not to mention her passion for helping others—it’s no wonder why so many are excited about this move within the business network community. We can’t wait to see how Emma leads Network Ireland into 2023 and beyond!