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Microsoft services go down for users globally


On Wednesday morning, thousands of people around the world reported issues with Microsoft services such as Teams, Outlook and Xbox Live. The service status monitoring website Downdetector recorded more than 4,000 incidents of people complaining of outages on Outlook in the UK alone. Microsoft 365 Status tweeted that they were investigating a potential networking issue at the root of the outages.

Microsoft is currently investigating to determine the cause of these widespread outages. According to their Twitter account, they are aware that some customers may be experiencing difficulty accessing multiple services and apps, including Teams, Outlook and Xbox Live. They have apologized and asked customers to stay tuned for further updates.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft services have gone down this year. In March 2021, a worldwide outage saw customers unable to access Office 365 for several hours due to a problem in one of their data centers. The outage affected users in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions. At that time, Microsoft attributed the issue to an “internal network configuration change,” although it has yet to comment on this most recent incident.

Microsoft is not alone when it comes to outages; other companies like Google and Amazon have also experienced them this year. Google’s Gmail service went down in April 2021 due to a “technical issue” while Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform suffered an outage in December 2020 due to “high error rates”.


Outages like these can be inconvenient and frustrating for users who rely on these services for work or leisure activities. It is yet unclear what caused this latest incident with Microsoft but it serves as a reminder that downtime can happen at any moment with any provider – no matter how reputable they may be! We will keep you updated as more details become available from Microsoft about this incident and its root cause.

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