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Introducing Irish IBANs to Revolut Customers in Ireland


Revolut Ltd. is taking a big step forward in its expansion across Europe with the introduction of Irish International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) for its customers in Ireland. This move will give Revoluts more than two million customers the ability to use an Irish bank account for their payments, allowing them to receive money from employers and service providers without any issues.


The rollout of Irish IBANs marks another milestone for Revolut as it continues to expand its services across Europe. Several of the companys European customers have experienced difficulties when attempting to receive payments from employers or service providers who refuse to accept an IBAN from a different country within the Single European Payments Area (SEPA). By introducing Irish IBANs, these customers no longer need to worry about this issue.


Revolut has been making strides in the fintech sector since 2015 and has quickly become one of the leading digital banks in Europe. In addition to providing access to traditional banking services such as current accounts and debit cards, Revolut also offers features such as budgeting tools, currency exchange, stock trading, and insurance products. With this move towards providing Irish IBANs, Revolut further cements itself as a leader among digital banking solutions.



The rollout of Irish IBANs by Revolut is an important step forward for both the company and its customers in Ireland. With this change, existing and potential customers can now enjoy all the benefits of using a digital banking platform while still being able to receive payments from employers or service providers that may have previously refused payments with a Lithuanian IBAN. As Revolut continues expanding throughout Europe, it will be interesting to see how else the company innovates in order to better serve its customer base.

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