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IDA Chief CEO Mary Buckley Confident of Continuing to Attract US Investment


In a hotel meeting room in Davos, Mary Buckley, the Limerick-born interim CEO of IDA Ireland, is confident that the agency will continue to win US investment. At the World Economic Forum networking event, she has brought her own teabags and is prepared for a procession of business and investor interests to pass through her small facility over the next three days. She firmly believes that Ireland’s tech landscape has become a hot spot for global investors.

The Powerhouse Behind IDA Ireland’s Success
IDA Ireland is a powerful force behind Ireland’s success as an attractive destination for global investors. The agency works hard to attract investments from companies around the world by providing incentives such as tax breaks and grants. These incentives help to create jobs in rural areas where employment opportunities can be limited.

The agency also works closely with local universities to develop skills training programs that match industry needs and foster innovation in technology sectors. This helps ensure that there are highly trained professionals ready for employment when businesses decide to invest in Ireland. Mary Buckley consistently emphasizes the importance of having a skilled workforce and believes it will be key in attracting potential investors from the US and beyond.

Why Irish Tech Industry Continues To Thrive
The Irish tech industry continues to thrive despite Brexit due to its strong focus on innovation, excellent infrastructure, and access to talented individuals who are eager to work in these industries. This makes it an ideal location for multinational businesses looking for a long-term presence in Europe or who want access to EU markets without being subject to tariffs or trade restrictions. With its low corporate tax rate (12.5%), English-speaking population, affordable cost of living, excellent quality of life, and stellar education system, it’s no wonder why so many large companies have chosen Ireland as their European base of operations.

Overall, Mary Buckley is confident that the Irish tech industry will continue to draw US investors despite Brexit uncertainties because it provides an attractive package of incentives and benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. With its innovative culture, robust infrastructure, talented workforce, low taxes, excellent quality of life, and English-speaking population – there’s little doubt that more investors will come looking for what Ireland has on offer in the near future!

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