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How Irish Platform Is Helping Brides Sell Their Wedding Dresses


After selling her wedding dress online, Irish stylist Isabel Gleeson found herself inundated with messages from brides looking to do the same.

This inspired her to set up a platform to help brides resell their dresses, giving them a chance to recoup some of the costs of their big day. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative idea ReBride.ie and how it’s helping brides all over Ireland.

How It Works

Gleeson’s business is simple. Brides who are looking to resell their dresses can go onto the website, upload pictures of their dresses and provide information about size, condition, and price. Interested buyers can then contact the seller directly through the website for more information or to make an offer. Once a buyer has been found, both parties agree on terms and arrange payment and delivery. The bride then simply ships off her dress for free! It’s that easy.

One of the main benefits of Gleeson’s platform is that it allows brides to recoup some of the costs associated with their big day without sacrificing quality or style. This means they don’t have to settle for an off-the-rack dress or buy something second-hand if they don’t want to; instead, they can get a designer piece at a fraction of its original cost! Additionally, by allowing buyers access to quality pre-loved dresses at reasonable prices, Gleeson’s platform helps reduce waste associated with the wedding industry, which is great news for everyone.


Gleeson’s innovative platform is proving incredibly popular among thrifty brides in Ireland and why not? It gives them access to fantastic designer pieces at discounted prices and gives them an opportunity to make back some of the money spent on their weddings.

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