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Exploring Irelands New Bank Holiday


Ireland has just announced a new bank holiday to be held on February 6th. With the extra day off, what better way to celebrate than with a short break? Lets explore the deals and discounts available around this special day and plan an exciting mini-vacation!

What is St Brigids Day?
St Brigids Day is an old Irish tradition that honors St. Brigid of Kildare, who was known as the Mary of the Gael, and believed to have been born in 453 AD. This holiday celebrates her life and legacy, and offers people the chance to appreciate all that she stood for. As it falls close to Imbolc (the festival of spring), many people choose to use the time off to take part in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking or simply soaking up the sunshine.

There are so many ways to enjoy this new bank holiday! No matter what type of short break you’re looking for from relaxing by the sea or exploring some of Ireland’s most beautiful locations there are plenty of deals available around St Brigid’s Day so you can make the most out your time off without breaking the bank.

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