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Exploring Alternative Routes to Continuing Education


Traditional university or college may not be the right option for everyone. Whether youre looking for an alternative way to gain valuable skills and knowledge, or just want to broaden your horizons, there are plenty of opportunities available. Apprenticeships, PLCs and studying abroad are all great options for continuing education. Lets explore them in more detail.


Apprenticeships have become increasingly popular in recent years as a viable alternative route to college or university. In an apprenticeship program, students learn practical skills on-the-job from experienced professionals while also taking part in classes and workshops at a technical college. This allows them to gain the experience necessary to enter their field of choice in a much shorter time than traditional college or university programs. Additionally, many apprenticeship programs provide financial assistance, making them an attractive option for those who cannot afford the cost of higher education.

PLCs (Post-Leaving Cert Courses):

Post-Leaving Cert (PLC) courses are offered by further education colleges throughout Ireland and provide students with the opportunity to gain qualifications in their chosen fields without having to attend a university or college full-time. Most PLC courses last one year but some can last two years depending on the specific program of study chosen by each student. PLC courses are often tailored towards specific industries such as healthcare, business, hospitality and technology.

Studying Abroad:

Studying abroad is another popular option for continuing education that offers students the opportunity to experience different cultures while learning new skills at the same time. Many countries offer excellent universities with courses that range from undergraduate degrees all the way up to PhDs in various disciplines. There are also short-term study abroad programs which provide students with an immersive cultural experience that can help shape their future career choices when they return home.

Whether youre considering post-secondary options or wanting to pursue something different from whats typically expected after high school graduation, there are plenty of alternative routes available for continuing your education journey aside from traditional university or college pathways. Apprenticeships, PLCs and studying abroad all offer unique experiences that can help you acquire new skills and knowledge while gaining valuable life experiences along the way too! Consider these options if you want something different than traditional paths after high school graduation they could open up some exciting possibilities.

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