10 iPhone Hacks You Won’t Believe Are Possible

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

iPhones are some of the most popular and advanced phones on the market today. But, did you know that there are several awesome hacks to make your iPhone experience even better? From taking better photos to creating custom ringtones, here are ten unbelievable iPhone hacks you won’t believe are possible.

iPhone Hacks;

  1. Create Custom Ringtones – With just a few taps, you can turn any song into your own custom ringtone. All you need to do is select the song in iTunes, right-click it and select “Get Info.” Then, click the “Options” tab, check both boxes next to “Start” and “Stop,” type in the start and stop times for your ringtone (30 seconds or less), click “OK,” right-click the song again and select “Create AAC Version.” Once this version is created, right-click it again and select “Show In Finder.” Rename this file with “.m4r” instead of “.m4a” at the end. Then sync this file with your phone via iTunes. It’s as easy as that.
  2. Take Better Photos – If you want to take amazing photos with your phone but don’t have time to adjust all those settings manually, use portrait mode! This mode will instantly make your photo look more professional by adjusting the lighting automatically. Plus, it works great even in low-light conditions or when taking selfies!
  3. Easily Connect Your Phone to Your TV – With Apple Airplay 2 technology, connecting your phone’s content to a compatible TV has never been easier! Just open up Control Center on your phone and press the Airplay button. From there, choose which device you’d like to connect with and voila—you’ll be watching movies from your small screen on a big one in no time!
  4. Make Free International Calls – Are you travelling abroad? Don’t worry about expensive international call rates – download an app like WhatsApp or Skype to make free calls back home. These apps use internet connections instead of traditional cellular networks so you won’t have to worry about expensive roaming fees either!
  5. Supercharge Your Battery Life – Want to get more out of each charge? Try using Low Power Mode – it will reduce power consumption so that you can squeeze out an extra hour or two before needing a recharge!
  6. Access Hidden Settings – Did you know that there’s a hidden menu within iOS called Field Test Mode? To access it dial 3001#12345# then hit the call button – this will give you access to all sorts of info related to signal strength, cell tower locations etc…
  7. Download Music Directly From YouTube – You don’t need an app for this one – go directly into YouTube’s mobile website (m.youtube) search for whatever music video/song you’re looking for then tap on the 3 dots next to share button; from there select ‘save video’ & voila–it’ll be saved directly onto your device ready for offline listening pleasure!
  8. Find Your Lost Phone Quickly – If you ever misplace your phone or leave it behind somewhere at home/work/restaurant etc., don’t panic – simply log into iCloud from any other device & use ‘Find My iPhone’ feature which will allow you locate where exactly it is & even remotely lock/erase all data if needed so no one else can access it without permission!
  9. Automatically Back Up Photos To The Cloud – No more worrying about losing precious memories because now every photo & video taken on your device gets automatically backed up into iCloud storage (upgradeable) so they’re safe & secure even if something happens with physical device itself!
  10. Track Your Sleep Quality – Ready for some cool tech? Download an app like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock which uses motion sensors built into phones along with AI algorithms & machine learning techniques to detect patterns & determine what kind of sleep quality user is getting throughout night – helping improve overall health & well-being over time!


iPhones are already amazing devices on their own. Still, these hacks can help unlock even more potential rom taking better photos, creating free international calls & finding lost phones quickly–all way down tracking user’s sleep quality–there really isn’t anything these powerful gadgets can’t do nowadays.