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Best Phone Repairs Dublin

by Thomas Lyons
phone repair dublin

If you’re looking for the best phone repairs Dublin has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most reputable phone repair shops and what makes them stand out from the rest. So whether your iPhone is damaged beyond repair or your Samsung Galaxy needs a new screen, read on for the best-rated companies.

How We Rated Our List Of Top Companies

We evaluated Phone Repair companies based on the following;

Customer satisfaction: Based on their Google reviews and overall rating.

Website Presence: How professional they present themselves online and explain their services and process.

Social Media: How popular they are on social media such as followers, likes, shares and reviews.

Additional Services: Any additional services they may offer to customers.

Here are the best companies for Phone Repairs Dublin

1. Mobile Fix-Phone Repair

Company Address36 Aungier St, Dublin, D02 XP04, Ireland
Telephone353 1 244 7391
Services OfferedMobile Phone Accessory Shop
Best ForPhone rerpair
Google Rating Out Of 54.8
Total Reviews559 or more

Customer review;

Best phone repair !

Google My Business Review

Their technicians are highly trained and proficient in offering quality repairs. They have completed countless jobs for customers, so they know exactly what needs to be done to get the job done right. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complex one, the technicians will be able to do it quickly and efficiently. Plus, they always make sure to clean up afterwards so that you won’t have to worry about a thing. When it comes to quality repairs, you can always count on their team to get the job done right.

2. ExpressTech

Company Address110 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02 TY44, Ireland
Telephone353 1 644 9555
Services OfferedMobile phone repair shop
Best Forphone repair
Google Rating Out Of 54.5
Total Reviews527 or more

Customer review;

This place repairs the majority of phones out there .

Google My Business Review

If you’re in need of a fast, reliable technology repair service, then look no further than ExpressTech. They are Ireland’s leading provider of quick and easy device repairs, and they can have your gadget up and running again in no time. Whether you need a new screen for your phone or full servicing for your laptop, their team of skilled technicians are here to help. They only use the highest quality parts and the work is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that your device is in good hands. Contact them today to book an appointment, or drop by the store for same-day service. They look forward to helping you get back to your tech devices as soon as possible!

3. Phone Repairs Dublin – PAIR Mobile Liffey Valley

Company AddressUnit 5, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Fonthill Rd, Liffey Valley Park, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin, D22 R6K8, Ireland
Telephone353 1 485 1790
Services OfferedMobile phone repair shop
Best Forphone repair
Google Rating Out Of 54.5
Total Reviews114 or more

Customer review;

Paid for repair online.

Google My Business Review

At PAIR Mobile, they are passionate about delivering the best possible experience for our customers. They believe that quality should never be compromised when it comes to repairing, trading in or buying a new phone, tablet or laptop. That’s why they are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality devices at our state-of-the-art store in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. From iPhones and Samsung phones to iPad tablets and MacBook laptops, they have something to suit every need and budget, offering a comprehensive repair service so you can rest assured that your device is in safe hands. With over 10 years of experience, the team of experts are on hand to provide advice and support with every step of the way.

4. Mobile Repair Shop.Dublin.TechClub

Company Address67 Clanbrassil Street Upper, Portobello, Dublin, D08 YX6A, Ireland
Telephone353 1 548 9039
Services OfferedMobile phone repair shop
Best Forphone repair
Google Rating Out Of 54.7
Total Reviews259 or more

Customer review;

If you want to repair your phone , best shop in local area

Google My Business Review

Tech Club Dublin is the number 1 mobile phone shop in Dublin. They offer the cheapest mobile phone repairs with a 100% success rate. They have a wide range of services that they offer including phone repair, data recovery, and much more. You can trust them to get your phone repaired quickly and efficiently. Their team of experts are always on hand to help you with any problems you may have. So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable mobile phone repair shop in Dublin, then Tech Club Dublin is the perfect place for you.

5. iPhone Repair Dublin – E-Tech

Company Address1 Ballinteer Rd, Dundrum, Dublin, D16 F5T7, Ireland
Telephone353 1 534 1721
Services OfferedMobile phone repair shop
Best Forphone repair
Google Rating Out Of 54.8
Total Reviews200 or more

Customer review;

Repaired a few phones for me.

Google My Business Review

As the smartphone and computer markets continue to grow rapidly, so does the need for qualified repair technicians. With the average lifespan of a smartphone or computer being just 3-5 years, there is a constant demand for service and repairs. While many people attempt to fix their own devices, often times this results in more damage being done. This is where certified repair technicians come in. By offering professional repair services, they are able to help extend the lifespan of these devices and keep them running smoothly. In addition, certified repair technicians can also offer valuable advice on how to avoid future damage. As the need for qualified repair technicians continues to grow, so does the demand for their services.

6. Murray Mobile – Phone Repair & Sell Rathmines

Company Address2 Rathmines Rd Upper, Rathmines, Dublin 6, D06 CC99, Ireland
Telephone353 1 441 1340
Services OfferedElectronics Retail and Repair Shop
Best Forphone repair
Google Rating Out Of 54.7
Total Reviews104 or more

Customer review;

Cracked my Phone Screen, and the guys had it repaired in 1 hour.

Google My Business Review

Murray Mobile Technology Ltd. is a phone-based sales business that started in 2008. The company has built a strong reputation in the industry for providing quality products and services. Murray Mobile Technology Ltd. offers a wide range of mobile phones, accessories and services to its customers. The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable sales staff who are able to provide expert advice to customers. In addition, Murray Mobile Technology Ltd. offers a competitive pricing structure that makes it an attractive option for customers looking for value for money. The company also offers a variety of payment options, making it easy for customers to purchase products and services from Murray Mobile Technology Ltd. Overall, the company has established itself as a leading provider of mobile phone-based sales solutions and is well-positioned to continue delivering excellent results for its customers in the future.

7. Phone Fix Craft

Company Address179 Crumlin Rd, Drimnagh, Dublin, D12 R8N2, Ireland
Telephone353 89 988 6616
Services OfferedMobile phone repair shop
Best For
Google Rating Out Of 54.9
Total Reviews101 or more

Customer review;

Fab place for phone and pc repairs .

Google My Business Review

When your iPhone or Mac breaks, it can be a frustrating experience. Not only are you without your favorite device, but you also have to contend with the high costs of repairs. Thankfully, there are now independent repair providers that can offer out-of-warranty repairs for a fraction of the cost. These companies use genuine Apple parts and employ experienced technicians who are familiar with Apple’s products. In addition, they often offer a warranty on their work, giving you peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Whether you’re looking to save money or get your device back as soon as possible, an independent repair provider is always worth considering.


What is the average cost of a Phone in Dublin?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost of a phone in Dublin can vary greatly depending on the type of phone you are looking for, where you purchase it, and other factors. However, we can provide some general guidance on what you might expect to pay for a phone in Dublin.

Of course, these are just general estimates – ultimately, the cost of a phone in Dublin depends on your individual needs and budget. So

Are the repairs under warranty?

Yes, the repairs are under warranty by manufacturer. If you have any problems with the repairs, please let a phone supplier know.

Can the phone be repaired while I wait?

While most phone repair shops will take your phone and tell you to come back in a couple hours or days, there are some that offer the service of repairing your phone while you wait. This is usually a Based on their research, many people have had great success.



If you are looking for a reliable and affordable phone repair service in Dublin, then look no further than the listed team of best Phone Repairs. With years of experience in the industry, they can help you get your phone back up and running in no time. So what are you waiting for? Contact any of them today to book an appointment!

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